greek food and the Mediterranean diet

The GREEK FOOD AND THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET is considered one of the healthiest in the world and even better it has so much great tasting dishes to choose from. Lots of fresh local produce, practically vegetables, beans, and other pulses. Olive oil is used in most dishes in prep and cooking. It usually simple and the key is good fresh indigence. Maybe a few light herps and even less spice

something for everyone

vegetarian and vegan friendly

Contrary to popular belief GREEK FOOD AND THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET is mainly vegetarian. So vegetarians and vegans should have no problems eating out in Greece. Just tell the place you eating that you have these restrictions, and plenty of good food will be available

We in are often familiar Greek food in our home town from Greek restaurants, but remember they will often cater to tastes and expectations of the locals there, so lots lamb, etc. Greek love lamb dishes but not every day. Greek food in Greece tastes very different than Greek food abroad. The produce and ingredients being the key

For those who love meat and sea food there are also so many options, partically seefood. Greece as been a sea fairing nation for thousans of years and has so many islands.

The most popoular question are what are the must try dishs. A hard question to answerbut we will try. In no particalar order

1.Greek salad, with a huge slap of feta cheese

2 Saggaki, fried food, usally haloumi cheese. Tip, eat it when it is hot

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