Greek traditional drinks

Here are some of the classic traditional Greek alcoholic drinks that you will find anywhere in Greece. Be sure to try each and everyone of them as they all have unique characteristics and of course their own unique taste!
Enjoy! Yeia mas!


Rakomelo: This is a mellow but strong liquor made with raki, then boiled with ,honey , different herbs, orange and lemon peels and a dash of cinnamon creating a sweet and pleasant drink. Rakomelo is usually a winter drink as it is served warm. It is also said to have a cold remedy effect due to it’s ingredients and temperature. Rakomelo is usually served in a tall shot glass. Rakomelo is great with traditional Cretan graviera cheese and bread sticks


Ouzo: Everyone visiting Greece has to try ouzo. This is an aperitif made from grapes or grain and anis and different other herbs are added to give it it’s unique liquorice taste. Depending on which part of Greece you are visiting there are many different brands you can try. Ouzo is served with ice and it’s recommend to add a little water to break down the flavor. Always have a meze with ouzo. It is not a solo drink and needs the company of something edible to enjoy the taste.
Mastika: A traditional liqueur from the island of Chios, mastika is actually a sap that is taken from trees of this island. The liqueur is prepared by distilling the mastic resin and adding sugar in the process. Mastika has a sweet, pine like taste. It is normally served chilled in a shot glass. Mastika is known to have digestive properties, and is usually served after a meal.


Depending on where you go, each place will have their own traditional drinks and food so make sure to ask locals for advise!

Raki: This drink is found in many countries not only Greece. In Southern Greece and Crete it is also know as tsikoudia as where in northern Greece it is also called tsipouro. This is a type of Brandy made from grapes and usually has about 40% to 65% alcohol. It is made from pomace which is what remains after distilling the grapes for wine. It is recommended to accompany drinking raki with meze(a small plate that consists of bite size appetizers). There is sometimes anis added giving it a unique taste. Raki is served in a shot glass chilled or room temperature. For the bold drinkers!

Yeia Mas!

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