Greek kebabs Souvlaki and gyro or gyros

In Greece the Souvlaki and gyros,  kebabs to the rest of us, are the king of fast food. There is one or more Souvlaki places on every street. Therefore compaction is fierce and all are or reasonable to high quality and cheap in order to stay in business. Basically there all good

The meat usually used in these are  chicken, pork, lamb or beef. They can be eaten many ways but wrapped in pitta bread, with extra salad and sauce and french fries is the favorite. Order to go and you find this the cheapest way to eat as a traveler in Greece

So who has best in Athens , many have calmed the title,  some more deserving than others but we have had so many request for the location of the latest

Kosta’s Souvlaki Pl. Agias Irinis 2, Athina 105 60    in between sytagma and monasriki squre

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