greek Easter

Easter in Greece

. Orthodox follow the Gregorian or Julian calendar
therefore Easter is a moveable holiday and changes every
year. The Greeks start by Ash Monday where it is the first day
of lent. During the holy week which is the week before Easter
Sunday, multiple mass take place everyday in the Greek
Orthodox Church. In homes, Greek traditional cookies and cake
are made( tsoureki) and eggs are painted mostly red.


stunning event to see is Good Friday. The days before the
women gather flowers and decorate the epitaph. On Good
Friday the epitaph is marched around the town. On Good
Saturday everybody goes to church at night. On midnight the
priest start preaching Christ has risen and everybody lights
their candles recreating the holy light. After the service families
gather in homes and eat mageiritsa ( a soup made with the
intestents, heart and liver of the lamb). Another tradition that
takes place is the cracking of the eggs.

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