Winter in Athens

Enjoying winter in Athens and in Greece

Luckily Athens is a city that has tourism all year long and luckily we have tours all year long! Here are some ideas on what to do in Athens during the winter

Visit archaeological sites: The price for the tickets are half price from November to March so it is an opportunity to see as many as you can!

Visit museums: Greece is the country with the most museums in the world!

Enjoy cozy coffee shops: All around the Acropolis there are plenty of areas to enjoy a warm coffee or a cup of tea while enjoying the beautiful view

Must try: Rakomelo served warm is a must for the cold months. Metaxa is also something to try for those who enjoy a warm cognac.
Around the Central market there are many tavernas that serve warm soup from traditional pig’s stomach soup to more modern chicken or vegetable soup

Winter in Athens

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