The 12 Olympian Gods

The ancient Greek worshiped

The 12 Ancient Olympian Gods. Although considered a cult a worship established for each one separately. According to the myth, it dates back to the earliest years before mortals adapted it.
Agamemnon first built a sanctuary for the 12 gods during the Trojan war. The people had great respect for the Dodekatheon (12 gods). They were originally worshiped as a group and was later completed with the names of the main gods of the Pan-Hellenic cult

⦁ Zeus: Knows as the supreme Olympian god, Homers calls him the father of gods and humans. Zeus however is not the creator of the Cosmos (world). With his revengeful and violent powers he proceeded to dominate and destroy in order to create the new Cosmos. He fought with his father Cronus who had swallowed his children(siblings of Zeus) defeating him and compelled him to disgorge the children he had swallowed. He also fought with the Titans the siblings of his father as they refused to recognize him as their leader.



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