Hidden Athens

Here are a few places you would never think to go to! in Athens

Luckily for you, we have chosen some places you would not find in the tourist guides!

The 1st Cemetery: This cemetery is the first to be build and is also considered the official cemetery of Athens. There are 3 churches located inside, 2 are Greek Orthodox and one is a Catholic church. You can see tombstones and sculptures that are true pieces of art.
You will be able to see the famous tombstone of the sleeping girl ( koimomeni)

The sculptor is said, had attempted suicide  when he relized that the pedestal, the girl is lying on, was too short to allow full extension of her legs!

Many famous people are buried in this large area, including actors, singers and politicians. It’s location is behind the Temple of the Olympian Zeus and very easy to find. The cemetery is said to be haunted by an old wreath worker that can supposedly be spotted sitting by a wreath

Ancient Cemetery Kerameikos: Located near the Thiseio station you will be able to find this ancient cemetery. Discovered in this area are mass graves from the 5th century b.c . It is believed that after the plague hit the Athenians, that the area was used as a mass burial ground. Here you will also find 3 paths. The first leads to the Panathenic way, a path that leads to the Acropolis, the second leads to Plato’s academy, which unfortunately has been destroyed and last is the sacred way which was the transition from life to death and the road where the important citizens of Athens where buried.

We hope you enjoy our hidden spots and of course we will come up with more!

hidden tavern

One of the most popular questions is we want to eat were local eat, not a tourist place.

Keep in mind that locals oftern eat in tourist places. If you live in Athens you would want have a good meal or coffee with an Acropolis view and in most cases a local place and a tourist place, paticaly in plaka are one and the same

If you still want go to a place were only locals eat, we have a few suggestions

Around the centel markest of Athens there are a few “hole in the wall ” Places

You could try ” two doors ” , no that is not it’s name, it has no name or sighn but locals know it as two doors, because it has two doors. It is an old style basment Greek tavern, used maily by local workers in the market.

The food is more old syle Greek, simple but good, there is no menu, they just tell what thay have that day. It is open Monday to Saturday lunch time only. NOT IN THE EVENING.

We have posted a picture, remember it is basment that is tavern and the smell of deleous food will tell you that this the right place. For the true food adventurer only Diporto

Hear you expence old style Greek cooking for the locals food market workers.

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