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One thing we Greeks know how to do is EAT! Gathering around the table for great food and good conversation is our passion. With over 1500 islands and countless villages on the mainland, there is a huge choice in food. . When you sit down at a Greek taverna (restaurant) the first thing you’ll notice will undoubtedly be the freshness of the food. Since Greece is a relativity small country most of what you eat in will be fresh and locally produced! We guarantee that once you eat Greek food in Greece you’ll find it hard to go back to your favourite Greek restaurant back home. One daunting task visitors have in Athens is finding that one true traditional taverna with authentic Greek food. It is true that the guide books can recommend many places for you but it really takes a local to show you the best places to eat. During the walking tour our guides will share with you their favourite places to eat. Look out for our special deals with local restaurants

Centrel food markets

Central Municipal Athens Marke

Central Municipal Athens Market

This is not only cheepest place to buy food in Athens, but a lesson in Greek food culter. Also the best place to find those “hole in the wall tavernas”. There a few places in the markets, but also in the backstreets and behind the vegatable market

Athens central market, is very interesting place,especially for foodies. There are three main markets. The meet martet, fish market and fruiy and vegable narket but this is so much more than a place tp buy cheep food.

Do not forget Greek drinks see our section on  CLASSIC TRADITIONAL GREEK ALCOHOLIC DRINKS

If you looking for a real hole in wall place try  basment that is tavern and the smell of deleous food will tell you that this the right place. For the true food adventurer only Diporto



Contary to popular belief Greek food is mainly vegetarin. So vegetarians and vegans should have no problems eating out in Greece. Just tell the place you eating that you have these resrictions, and plenty of good food will be avilable

We in are often familiar Greek food in our home town from Greek restaurants, but remember they will often cater to tastes and expectations of the locals there, so lots lamb etc. Greek love lamb dishes but not every day. Greek food in Greece tasts very different than Greek food abroad. The produce and ingredents being the key

For those who love meat and sea food there are also so many options, partically seefood. Greece as been a sea fairing nation for thousans of years and has so many islands.

The most popoular question are what are the must try dishs. A hard question to answerbut we will try. In no particalar order

1.Greek salad, with a huge slap of feta cheese

2 Saggaki, fried food, usally haloumi cheese. Tip, eat it when it is hot

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