Athens street art

Exarheia Square

Exarheia Square is a neighborhood right in the center of Athens. It is considered a cult and urban part of the city, the home of the poets, authors, actors, all types of artists considered Exarheia their home therefor the neighborhood was know as the area of artists and intellectuals. There are many cafe, bars and little tavernas, but the most important is the art and graffiti that surrounds the area. Exarheia is known for its beautiful pieces of art. Some may say it is the heart and soul of free artistic expression. The art can vary from political to social messages, or to just pieces of pure art. Some of the greatest graffiti artists of Europe, have visited Exarheia and left their mark.

Democracy returns

Beginning with the student revolution in 1973 against the dictatorship until today, it is considered the place of the Greek anarchist and anti government groups. This free walking tour guides you through the streets around and in Exarheia square. The guide is a local, born and raised in the area and is also a graduate of the School of Fine Arts and an artist till today. Take a walk through, history and art, Book our free walking tour and learn more of Athens couterculter 


more Athens street art

The Exarheia neighborhood is not the only place you find great street art, but is the place were the story of Athens is told in Graffit and street art You can explore Exarheia by you self you book our tour and learn the story of Athens counterculture. There is urban art and graffiti all over the city,   Surprisingly, Plaka the old town as some great work..

Anafiotika Graffiti

When most people thing Anafiotika in Athens, they imagine the Island-Village by the Acropolis with its Cycladic architecture, with its stark white cubic houses, flat roofs and colorful shutters and doors, Anafiotika is truly a little island in the Greek metropolis. but with in a few meters from this picturesque part of plaka there lies some dramatic street art

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